A Hazy Purple Summer

I haven’t written in a little while. Lots happening on all fronts and as I see the light at the end of 2011 I’m focusing on the important questions in life.

Like, can you really have too many purple cardigans on the needles at any one time?

Effortless Cardigan in MadTosh Clematis

This is the theory I thought I’d test over summer. I am close to completing Effortless Cardigan in MadTosh Clematis, which is more of a blue-black purple, 8ply/DK weight and definitely more for cooler weather. I was racing ahead with it in September / October, hoping to finish it in time to take on the Sewjourn weekend at the start of November. Here are some of the great write ups and photos care of DrKnits, Web-Goddess, JP, MissFee LynS Randomknits and Knitabulous. Suffice to say it was great fun and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

When the mercury rose in October I rethought that strategy and refocused on knitting the numerous pairs of socks on the go. A good strategy I might add, given I now have gifts to give most family members this festivus. I only have the collar and a bit of the second sleeve to go on Effortless, so I really should revert to ‘knitting monogamy’ and just finish it before I start another. Shouldn’t I??

Linen, Wollmeise 4ply and wheel of lace in Petite Poison No.5

Especially when I have already started knitting Celery in Wollmeise Petite Poison No.5, 4ply, a mid season 3/4 sleeve cardi for those days when you’re hedging your wardrobe bets, as is so often the case in Sydney. I also have Santorini, a beautiful Linen Kimono jacket in the queue to be made up in Louet Euroflax wet spun linen, sport / 5ply. After I completed the Bardini cloche hat in a Champagne colour of the same yarn (mostly knit at Sewjourn) I’m keen to knit with this yarn again. Not to mention the wearability on those more humid days and summer evenings. Something to be said for linen which can be coarse on the hands, this is much smoother and a delight. Which isn’t always the case when knitting row after row of miniature herringbone as I did for the hat.

Then I had a birthday mid November and received a truly gorgeous 300g skein of Wollmeise Lacegarn in a ‘We’re Different’ WD version of Petite Poison No.5 from dkKnits. Very spoilt. While sometimes the WD versions aren’t as sought after by the knitting community, I’m really glad it is so as not to duplicate the Celery cardigan. After spending about 3 hours of trial and error winding it at Inner-City Guild yesterday to get it to a cake (with much appreciated assistance from Yarna, from whence this skein originated as I discovered!) I would really like to break into knitting it up in the adorable Barton Cottage Shrug from Jane Austen Knits. Today!

Hence the dilemma. Is having 4 purple cardigans on the go at once sheer madness, or is there some sense to have all seasons covered in a similar theme? I almost forgot about the Wollmeise 4ply in Fuschia set aside for a Vitamin D cardi, which may get hoisted up the list to break up the monochromatic fog..

And I haven’t even mentioned anything about what is planned for my sock and shawl knitting adventures this year. Let’s just say I have 5 lots of purple sock yarn and another 5 lots of yarn for shawls ready and waiting in the stash.

2012, the year of knitting purple hazily.

7 thoughts on “A Hazy Purple Summer

  1. purple love – has jody come and hijacked this blog post?

    but I love love love all the choices and list of what you are knitting – mmm taking notes now….

    1. Thanks Fee, I know I didn’t quite realise how much purple I’d accumulated but it has always been my favourite!

  2. Do eeet! Start the lace one! Yum yum yum!

    You have also reminded me of my Euroflax linen…I really must make that top. In January!

    1. Do we need a KAL to keep us both on track? It couldn’t hurt to play with a swatch for the shrug!

  3. oh oops! i didnt realise you had so many purples – i might have gone with something diferent. but you were talking about that petit poison, and you cant really have too much purple. and theyre all different. so its ok. really! i say start the shrug. do it do it do it!!

    1. Oh please don’t apologise for contributing to the purple quest. As you say they are all different and gorgeous. If I start to od on purple I have a couple of reds, teals,blues and the old Campari to break them up! I think I will just cast on the shrug tonight!

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