Fox Faces – Super Special Six Sock Club #5

Fox Faces, toe up

Not quite have the same elegance as “chanel no. 5”, though these Fox Faces socks do have an elegance all their own.  I decided to combine the Fox Faces pattern by Nancy Bush from Super Special Six Sock Club #4 with #5’s toe up Wendy Johnson (Nanner) for this edition. I just find the toe up socks fit a bit better than my cuff down versions – all in the heel for me.

Yarn: Louet Gems 4ply – a fast favourite, lovely twist, in colourway Terra Cotta
Needles: 2.25mm and given the stretch in the pattern I could probably have knit the foot in 2.00mm
Who are they for: not me, they are a xmas gift for someone dear to me with slightly larger feet and that’s all I’m saying!

6 thoughts on “Fox Faces – Super Special Six Sock Club #5

  1. i am still on #4 at the moment and way behind – love the socks and the colour

  2. Oh dear, I am way behind! Not even up to the heel on #2 yet! Yours look great! Very clever to reverse them!

  3. I haven’t even started so your waaaay
    They look lovely and the colour too !.. I haven’t knitted Nancy Bush yet but I seriously like this pattern and I have to add this to my list. Thanks for your mods cause I have Wendy’s book and can do the same and then pick your brain along the

    1. I really don’t feel that far ahead given all my other wips. Socks just happen to fit in my handbag and go with public transport I think!

  4. How clever of you to do all this adjusting. I really like the ‘fox faces’ stitch pattern. Would be great to use it for something other than socks.

  5. yes you clever little minx, these are wonderful! great colour, gorgeous yarn. and i think nancy would approve of the mods!

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