Spring Sewing Fever

Japanese Stylish Dress Book

I’ve lived in Sydney long enough to know that the little taste of spring that August can bring is just that. A taste. Nevertheless, it was enough to get me thinking about sewing projects, drapey fabrics and finally buying a Japanese pattern book (the first one of the series to be translated to English).

I’d also been stalking ebay for an old horn sewing cabinet. Then when I happened to see one in a shop recently I wasn’t so enamoured with them anymore. I’ve decided the dining room table is perfectly fine for the time being, though I haven’t lost the desire for a dedicated ‘sewing station’ like one I’ve seen in Weekend Sewing. Maybe not quite so green, reminds me of the kitchen in the house that I grew up in.

Pattern traced and pinned on fabric

This is pattern F from Stylish Dress Book and the material is a Japanese cotton in yuki sky spot from tessuti’s.

All finished

I also found some Kaffe Fasset fabric at the Wool & Craft nook in Hornsby. I’m not really sure what I want to make with these. Maybe some patchwork experimentation with a black cotton base.  The white base Iris & Peony fabric may end up as a ‘spring’ handbag of sorts as its a little sturdier (and I have some bamboo handles wanting to be used).

Fabric stash

4 thoughts on “Spring Sewing Fever

  1. loving the top and the ribbons on the sleeves – I keep buying fabric like I have weekends to sew – duh and I do not at the moment, perhaps we could have a sewing weekend?

  2. I love the sound of a sewing weekend! (as if that will happen for me!).

    Nice work on the dress! And hello Kaffe Fassett fabrics! Yum! Must have been a sewing kind of week, I dusted my machine off yesterday (literally!). Not as ambitious as you though! Just made a bag lining. With pockets though, heh!

  3. Alison your dress is lovely ! I love the fabric colour and the sweet polka dots. The japanese sewing books just suck you right in don’t they..lol I too have few that I must get stuck into with the fabric stash to also do the same with 😉
    Sewing weekend sounds fabulous as does knitting… spinning….

  4. oh all you clever sewers, i wish i had persisted with learning it properly in high school. i am hopeless, and regret it now that all this wonderful fabric is available….

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